As advisors, we help our clients make informed purchases and develop distinguished collections. We emphasize artworks that will appreciate in both cultural and, ideally, commercial terms. We leverage our direct, personal experience as collectors, educators, and experts to maximize client value.

We work with a limited number of clients, providing exceptional access to modern and contemporary art. We maintain relationships with the full range of businesses that offer specialized — often essential — services required by collectors, including banking, conservation, restoration, data management, insurance, storage, and transportation.

Art is a passion investment that engages the senses and challenges the mind. It is an unusual investment since art is an aesthetic "product" without clear, measurable "value."

Historically, the art market has been shaped by a hierarchy of brand and values, while fueled by supply and demand. These factors influenced prices and, sometimes, created false notions of appreciation. Taste is a changeable thing, increasingly influenced by celebrity and wealth. Art can fall in and out of fashion.

Collecting art is a democratic activity, despite media reportage that focuses on "trophy" sales and high prices. Armed with commitment, knowledge, and an openness to learn, art is accessible at all price points. Having expert guidance helps to shape a collection's development and aesthetic and financial values.

LINN | PRESS has an extensive network of trusted curatorial, gallery, advisor, and auction house relationships in the primary art markets, especially in New York and London. Our collegial reach also extends to Los Angeles, Paris, Brussels, Cologne, Berlin, Zurich, and Hong Kong. Through our relationships, we stay abreast of curatorial developments, as well as market trends and demand.