Art Advisory Services

More often than not, people's personal encounter with art comes from exposure during a gallery or museum visit, where they are confronted with new and sometimes confounding paintings, photography, sculpture, or newer media, such as video or installation art. Sometimes these works of art seem engaging or arresting, sometimes neutral or even off-putting. A viewer may wonder, for example:

These are fair and valid questions for both novice and experienced observers and collectors. LINN | PRESS is oriented to providing a rich client education, which ensures informed acquisition decisions.

We begin our advisory process with a discussion about our client's objectives, aspirations, aesthetic preferences, and financial considerations. We want to ensure that there is a balance between our clients’ interests and objectives and our abilities to meet them. As such, we evaluate our clients, just as they evaluate our capabilities and expertise. To be effective, there must be mutual trust, understanding, and chemistry in the client-advisor relationship.

Our Service Orientation